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Woman with hand over her mouth. Is self-care the new bad word?

Is Self-Care the New Bad Word?

Is self-care the new bad word? There has been a lot of backlashes recently by teachers who are tired of the words self-care being bandied about like they are the panacea to all teacher problems. Here’s the thing, self-care is 100 percent necessary to survive teaching,...
Mental Health Day

A Mental Health Day Benefits You and Your Students

Take a mental health day without guilt to benefit you and your students.

myths & facts

Put These 5 Teacher Myths to Rest

5 teacher myths teachers believe that need to be put to rest. You can be empowered to be a good teacher and to find time for yourself.

The secrets of how making yourself a priority- woman on mountain

The Secrets to Making Yourself a Priority

Making yourself a priority starts with your job. As a good teacher who loves your students, it’s important to remember to prioritize yourself and your mental health.

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