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practice random acts of kindness in the classroom

Random Acts of Kindness in the Classroom

20 ideas to teach random acts of kindness in your classroom. Teaching our students how to show kindness everyday is an ongoing process.

Taking work home means the work day never ends

Taking work home means work never ends

Taking work home with you means the work day never ends. Wean yourself from your laptop to gain freedom from work and enhance your in home life.

Creating a positive tribe

Creating a Positive Tribe for Teachers

Creating a positive tribe is essential for teachers.This creates a deep sense of connection through shared experiences and make for a happier work life

Stay focused on what's important.

Stay Focused on What’s Important

The ability to stay focused impact our lives. It increases productivity and shows where we place our priorities. Learn more.

Copyright free photos for your projects

Copyright Free Photos for Teachers

Copyright free photos are a must for teachers and students. In July, Unsplash launched Unsplash for Educators, and it is an educator’s dream.

Teachers can't save all students

Teachers Can’t Save Them All

Teachers can’t save them all, but we can love them all. How not to let education policy make you feel like a failure.

create a zen space

How to Create Your Own Relaxation Room

Creating a sacred relaxation room in your home can reduce stress and prevent burn out. A few steps will help ease your stress.

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