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by | Dec 29, 2019 | Positivity & Inspiration

By Susan Jerrell, TOFT Founder

Positivity inspires in 6 quick ways

Everyone needs positive inspiration in their lives, and teachers are no exception. Making a conscious effort to add positivity to your day can make a huge impact on how you interpret and remember your day. You can see the negative, or you can strive to find the positive. Positivity inspires not only you, but also your students. These ideas will help you find some positive inspiration each day.

Positivity jar

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of teaching and to forget the positive moments that occur on a daily basis. Start your new semester off right with a positivity jar. At the end of each day, take 30 seconds to jot down something that was positive from the day. Stick it in the jar, and at the end of the year you will have a jar full of positive inspirational moments to remember. 

Positivity journal

An extension of the positivity jar is a positivity journal. Each day write down at least one positive event that happened. These moments are good for reflection because if forces you to find the good in each day. For those of you who like detail and to write, this give you the perfect opportunity.

Inspirational jar

Instead of daily putting something in a jar, fill a jar with inspirational quotes at the beginning of a year or semester and take one out at the beginning of each day. Put it on your desk to read at a glance when you take attendance, grab a pen or grade a paper. This quick inspirational reminder can help you have a clearer outlook on the job you have to do. You can make your own or take the simple way out by purchasing from another source like Amazon or Etsy. There are also free downloads of inspirational quotes available on Pinterest

Inspirational quote keynote

My favorite way to start my classes was to put a Quote of the Day on the screen when the students entered the classroom. I created a Keynote presentation with a slide for each day of the school year. Each quote became a quick class discussion while I took attendance. It was a great way to start class and gave the students something positive to think about every single day. Positivy inspires not only you, but also your students.

Positivity Box

For a long term project, start a positivity box. Filled with positive notes from students, special photos and mementos from your teaching year, this box will fill you up when you most need it. Be sure to read here for more details on the benefits of a positivity box.

Class happy jar

Our students need positive inspiration and support just like we do. Make the happy jar a class project. Give your students brightly colored pieces of paper and have them write happy thoughts on each slip. You can have students fill the jar with happy thoughts throughout the year. When students are having a rough day ask them to go take a happy thought out of the jar. 

Each of these ideas will give you the opportunity to embrace positivity which will in turn improve your mood and outlook. Take a minute to find some positive inspiration in each day.


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