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Read the Guest Writer GuidelinesRead the Guest Writer Guidelines below. Post your original essay directly into your message box at: Contact.  Or share a link to google docs if you prefer. 

Topics: We are looking for stories that entertain, educate, inspire, reflect and support teachers.

Categories: Tips & Tricks, Time Out for You, Positivity & Inspiration. 

Requirements: Length somewhere between 500-1400 words, although good content should dictate length, not a random word count. If you would like, include a bio 2-4 sentences, and we will add it to your article. Do not double space after periods or between paragraphs. If a post has previously run, please also include the link to where it appears online. You must have permission for it to be republished.

Original Copyright: Please do not submit work that is owned by another publication. By submitting your work, you agree that you own the rights to your work and are free to publish elsewhere.

Graphics: You may provide your own high resolution graphic or image (horizontal) to go with your article. Please make sure it is your own image or that you have gotten it from a free to share site. We reserve the right to select a different image.

Title: Please include a title. We reserve the right to change the title.

Social shares: We will be sharing posts we use on social media. If you have social media, please tell us where we can find you. If we use your post, please share your published post on your social media accounts and tag Time Out For Teachers.

Later publication: If you would like to republish a piece you have written after it has appeared on Time Out for Teachers, please include these words and the link to the original publication on Time Out For Teachers. “This originally appeared on Time Out For Teachers.”                                                  

Video/Photography: Original memes, videos and photos are encouraged. Selected ones will be shared on social media. Please feel free to share them via email: contact@timeoutforteachers.com

We are unable to offer compensation for general submissions.

Share your mentor stories

We are looking for two types of stories:

1.  Experienced teachers mentor other teachers. (Should be encouraging and helpful.)

  • One piece of your best advice for young teachers. 
  • What is something that helped get you through the rough days?
  • A classroom management tip for dealing with discipline issues
  • What would you like to tell younger teachers that you wish you had known when you started teaching?

2. Honor a teacher who served as a mentor for you. 

  • Share a story about a situation when a mentor was helpful to you? 

  • What advice did you get from them that you have used the most?

  • Did they use any phrases that still stick in your mind?

  • Why was this person influential in your teaching career? 

  • What characteristics of this person have you tried to incorporate into your own teaching?

Bullets are to give you ideas. You definitely do not need to cover them all. Length suggestion: 500-800 words. Quality content should guide your length.

Add your content to the submission box on the left. Also include a 2-3 sentence bio including: Who you are, where you teach or taught, what you teach, a little to tell about yourself.

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Behind the Scenes

Susan Jerrell

Susan Jerrell

Founder Time Out For Teachers

Susan Jerrell brings 32 years of teaching experience to Time Out For Teachers. As a high school teacher, Susan taught English 10 and 11, American Studies, journalism, photojournalism, newspaper, yearbook and professional career internship. A graduate of Indiana University’s School of Journalism, she is excited to put her skills to use in a new way. In addition to building a copywriting business, Susan looks forward to continuing to mentor teachers and provide them a positive, inspiring, motivational community. She is dedicated to giving teachers the support they need to face the daily task of teaching, loving and inspiring young people.

Caitlin Hall

Caitlin Hall

Contributing Writer

Caitlin Hall has 3 years of teaching experience as a high school special education teacher. An alumni of Liberty University’s School of Government, she began her career as a Legislative Aide for Congressman Todd Young. Realizing a career in government was not her calling, Caitlin completed her education at Indiana Wesleyan University while teaching classes on environment management at Hardy Lake. Caitlin went on to provide case management services for adults with special needs as well as teaching life skills classes for the community. It was there Caitlin realized her true passion of making an impact in her community through teaching. Today, as an avid self-healing enthusiast, Caitlin is excited to use her skills and knowledge to provide positive outlets for teachers to melt the stress of the day.

TOFT Advisory Board

Kathy Anderkin retired in 2017 after 28 years of teaching 7-8 grade Language Arts. (Insert “God Bless Middle School Teachers” here.) Prior to that she gathered life experience as a chairside dental assistant. She received both her BS and MS from Indiana University Southeast. She was active in her building as team leader, department chair, and association building rep. She worked with the IDOE mentoring and portfolio scoring program and taught a mentoring class for IUS. She currently serves as secretary of the local retired teachers association group and does some substitute teaching. She looks forward to encouraging new teachers through Time Out for Teachers and appreciates the opportunity to contribute.

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