Why Time Out For Teachers?

Time Out For Teachers is here to fill your bucket, to rejuvenate your spirit and to help you remember why you became a teacher. It is created by teachers for teachers. 

Teachers looking for lesson plans, tech support, education theory and ways to support children can find 292,000,000 results in 0.60 seconds. It is overwhelming and mind blowing. 

I know because I tried this on my Google search for a website that provides a supportive environment created just for teachers. I found nothing. As a teacher with 32 years of experience I know how important it is for teachers to have support, mentoring and a sense of community.

Thus, Time Out For Teachers was born. 

The need for a supportive teacher community

Research shows the need for a supportive community for educators. An estimated 44% of teachers leave the profession within their first five years, according to Education Week. However, teachers who report having mentors and support are more likely to stay in the profession. Those without support have few places to turn. Now, you have Time Out For Teachers.

Teachers spend hours daily giving themselves to the well-being of their students, creating an inviting classroom, mentoring colleagues, keeping up with administrator requests, meeting state mandates, preparing for standardized tests, grading papers, completing forms, answering emails, texts and phone calls, creating lesson plans, answering questions, attending meetings or professional development. That is just the short list without too much thinking involved.

Many then go on to coach, sponsor extra-curricular activities, tutor or work a second or third job. The giving continues as they go home and support their own families. 

Politicians say good teachers can get good results no matter the class size. Society believes teachers have an easy job. Businesses tell teachers they care, so they offer 15% off once a year to buy classroom supplies that should never have to come from a teacher’s paycheck to begin with. Parents tell teachers their little darlings could not have possible committed whatever offense you saw them do. Administrators tell us to do more. Legislators tell teachers there is no money for a raise. 

Take the time to fill your bucket

This demand on your time, spirit and psyche takes a toll. A bucket that is constantly emptied eventually has nothing left to give. Time Out For Teachers hopes to fill your bucket.

Welcome to our community. We hope you stop and stay awhile. Join us and help us continue to fill each other’s bucket.

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